martes, 10 de marzo de 2009

Degrafa Patterns

Update (2009-03-29): Download Code Here Example below

I've been trying to spend sometime learning Degrafa, a very nice declarative graphics framework for Flex.
I really like it and enjoy it. It is a very useful tool, specially because it lets you do in few lines very powerful graphic oriented tasks, like the one I just did below...
This pretty simple application allows you draw an icon in a grid, preview how the Icon will look in different sizes and then draw that icon into a canvas and display it as a pattern, that you can interact with since you are able to rotate it. All this using a some Bitmaps, BitmapData and the Surface, Rectangular and VectorFill objects from Degrafa with no hassle...
*Hopefully* I'll upload the code soon but this is a good example of how simple and powerful Degrafa is; for now feel free to try the final application...

Click here to run the application

BTW... did I mention Degrafa has a lot of examples and documentation on their site and that in fact it is an open source project?? :)

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